My Greatest Year

How are you doing in the year 2016 so far?

What have you complete your 2016 resolutions list? Have you exercise more? Travel to your dream place? Worries less, you still have 4 months+ to go.

I am doing great so far, just couldn’t believe time passes so fast, and we are nearly at the end of 2016. How I wish 2016 can be much longer, so that I can enjoy my greatest year longer.

I claimed to believe 2016 is my greatest year, because there are lot of great things happen in my 2016 that I secretly wish for and all came true!


First of all, I’m engaged with my soul mate whom I have been together for two years and now we got officially married!

Just thought nothing can be more exciting, soon later, we found out that we have a little one (omg!) and is due end of this year!


#LittleGirl #DueinNovember

Life is full of surprises when we expect less. I always knew god has his plans for all of us.

While I’m writing this post, that baby ninja keep showing off her kicking skill. ( How cute!)

PS: Do you have any unique baby girl name to share? Prefer start with the “D”.

Thanks for dropping by! Have a great weekend ahead. xoxo


My Greatest Year

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